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Company Name
The Registered name of the Company is H.C. Control Instruments Pty Ltd.
Telephone, Fax and E-Mail Details


(+27) (0)11 782 0875

Fax (+27) (0)11 784 0163
Company Classification
Per the Eskom definition of a "Black Enterprise" (BEE), "Small, Meduim and Micro Enterprise (SMME) and the definition of "Black Woman Owned Enterprises" (BWO), H.C. Control Instruments cc complies with both of these definitions.
Corporate Mission
To become the leading supplier of high quality Low, Meduim and High Voltage test equipment to the utilities and Municipalities, Mines, Petrochemical and larger Industries. Our mission extends to offering technical expertise with prompt ex Stock deliveries and reliable after sales service.
The Market

H.C. Control will operate in all aspects of the LV, MV and HV Electrical Engineering field, Specialising in retailing High Voltage Test Instruments. The Corporation intends to supply high quality test equipment and service to: 

  1. The Electricity Supply Commission (ESKOM)
  2. Municipalities
  3. Mines
  4. Railways
  5. Petro Chemical
  6. Ferro Alloys
  7. Paper Industry
  8. Sugar Refineries
  9. Large Industries
The Products are to compliment each other and they are to suit the market enviroments they serve. The Company strives to meet the market requirements for the products they demand and assist our principals(suppliers) to understand these requirements.

The Principal

The Corporation is the sole appointed supplier in South Africa of the following:

Megger Power Products
Battery Test Equipment
Cable Fault Locating Equipment
Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
High Voltage DC Dielectric Test Equipment
Insulation Test Equipment
Micro-ohmeter / Low Resistance Test Equipment
Oil Test Equipment
Partial Discharge Equipment
Phasing Meters and Accessories
Power Factor (C and DF) Test Equipment
Power Quality Equipment
Reclosure Test Equipment
Relay Test Equipment
Transformer Test Equipment
Watthour Meter Test Equipment
Cable Locators/ Route Tracers
Ground Resistance Test Equipment
HiPot (High Potential) AC/DC Test Equipment
Motor and Generator Test Equipment
Multifunction Installation Testers
Safety Equipment - DETEX
Tool Testing Equipment
Terminal Blocks
Test Switches
Testing Accessories
TDR's (Time Domain Reflectometers)
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