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Kindly note that limited stock is available. HC Control Instruments (Pty) Ltd cannot reserve any items for any customer and will work purely on first come first serve cash and collect basis. HC Control Instruments (Pty) Ltd cannot guarantee the availability of any of the items shown below at the time of order.
All items listed here are sold voetstoets and on a COD basis.
Please contact our Sales office on 011 782 0875 should you require any additional information or brochure for any item listed.
In instances where the units are obsolete or marked as clearance items the closest equivalent new unit price has been given and indicated as ‘Equivalent new price’


BA60 - Breakdown analyzer 60kV 1 R 84 437.26 R 144 394.54
BA80 – Breakdown analyzer 80kV 2 R 134 456.91 R 161 311.77
BA100 – Breakdown analyzer 100kV 1 R 188 057.33 R 202 437.15
HVA28 – VLF/DC Test system 3 R 168 691.46 R 229 151.57
HVA28 TD – VLF/DC Test system 1 R 270 480.46 R 293 716.14
HVA60 – VLF/DC Test system incl. USB flash adapter 1 R 386 863.09 R 472 941.95
PDTD60 – CC – PD Fault location system with integrated TD60kV 1 R 493 398.35 R 871 351.25
PD60-2 CC – Partial Discharge Fault location system 60kV Standard 1 R 398 107.09 R 726 159.27
TD30 – Tan-delta system 23kVrms 2 R 80 305.55 R 196 752.51
TD30 – Tan-delta system 23kVrms 3 R 158 459.55 R 196 752.51
TD60 – Tan-delta system 44kVrms 1 R 182 676.46 R 314 275.99
TD90 – Tan-delta system 64kVrms 2 2 R 267 891.80 R 450 229.00

PRECEDENCE & PURCHASE ORDERS: The following conditions apply to and form part of any contract between H.C Control Instruments (“the Company”) and the Customer for the sale of any goods or services by the Company to the Customer. These conditions replace any previous conditions and take precedence over all other conditions for the supply of goods and services to the Customer. It is implied that any Purchase Order issued for the supply of goods and services by the Customer is done so with the complete understanding and acceptance (by the Customer), of the Terms & Conditions of Sale contained herein.

BEE /SMME Representative Status: HC Control Instruments has been classified as a Level 1 BBBEE company.

PRICE BASIS: The prices reflected above are net exclusive of V.A.T. Price is based on collection from HC Control Instruments Test premises for all goods under R250’000.00. The risk of possession and associated duties of insurance, passes to the purchaser upon receipt of goods. For orders over the value of R250,’000.00, the goods will be delivered free of charge within South Africa but subject to the Customer’s insurance risk.

For any goods over a value of R250’000.00 that will be exported beyond South African borders, delivery will take place at the Customer’s preferred Johannesburg based and SARS approved shipping agent. All prices quoted above are per unit unless otherwise quoted. Ownership and title of all goods remain the property of HC Control Instruments until payment in full is received by HC Control Instruments. 
Any order for the supply of goods shall not be binding on the Company until acceptance by the Company. Prices given in any quotation are acceptable to that quotation only and will not necessarily apply in any other instance.

SOLE SUPPLIER: HC Control Instruments is the Sole Supplier of the above mentioned equipment. 

DOMICILIUM CITANDI & EXECUTANDI: HC Control Instruments chooses domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes at the address as stated on the above letterhead.

DELIVERY:  We estimate that delivery can be achieved ex stock subject to prior sale. Deliveries are based from receipt of a returned and Customer signed Order Acknowledgement (and any deposits or guarantees applicable) made out to HC Control Instruments after receipt of an official and signed order number from the Customer.

Shortages in delivery must be advised immediately upon receipt. Goods damaged upon delivery shall be reported to the Company within seven (7) days of receipt of the goods by the Customer. Goods shall not be returned to the Company until prior approval has been obtained and then only by the carrier nominated by the Company.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: All goods shall be supplied on a COD basis. 


The price is based on the assumption that payment in full would be effected three days prior to collection or delivery (whichever is applicable) of the instrument(s). If a Customer makes a payment after 16h00 or makes the payment on a Sunday, it will not reflect the next day. Funds must reflect in HC Control Instruments account before goods can be delivered or collected (whichever is applicable) – proof of payment notification alone will not be sufficient for delivery or collection.


Payment will be deemed to have been effected only upon deposit into HC Control Instruments Bank account at Standard Bank Rivonia. Payment to be made via Electronic Transfer or direct deposit only. Bank details will be given on Invoice or upon request. Cheques as a means of payment are not acceptable. 


Any deposits and progressive payments required to be paid by the Customer, are non-refundable.


The period for delivery of the ordered goods is from the receipt date of such deposit.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: HC Control Instruments liability on any claim for loss or liability arising out of or connected with this contract, or the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, or use of any apparatus covered by this contract (including but not limited to, loss or liability arising from breach of contract, negligence or otherwise) shall in no case exceed in the aggregate the unit price of such apparatus or part thereof involved in the claim. In no event shall the Company be liable for special indirect to consequential costs or damages.

CANCELLATIONS: Any order placed on HC Control Instruments by the Customer for the goods is deemed to be an irrevocable order. The full outstanding amount will be required to be paid in full in the event of the Customer cancelling the order.

INDEMNITY: Without prejudice to any other rights the Company may have, the Customer shall indemnify the Company for any loss, damage or expense incurred by the Company should the Customer cancel any order or part thereof or breach and term hereof.

DISPUTES: In the event of any dispute between the Company and the Customer in relation to the contract for the supply of goods or services, either party may give written notice of the existence of such dispute to the other following which dispute shall be referred to arbitration pursuant to the laws of the Republic of South Africa. In any proceeding before an arbitrator the parties may by agreement, but not otherwise, be represented by a solicitor or counsel.

GUARANTEE: All equipment purchased is sold Voetstoots and therefore no guarantee will apply.

Yours Faithfully 



Aldorette Swanepoel

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