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RF Automatic Mica Undercutter
CAMís RF Mica Undercutter is a high production automatic undercutting machine designed specifically for shops that handle small to medium sized armatures. Ideal for the motor sizes used by most transit systems, the RF is able to handle armatures weighing up to 700 pounds (317.5 kg) with diameters up to 12Ē (304.8 mm). It can also undercut commutators with diameters as small as 2Ē (50.8 mm).
This freestanding machine has all of the features found in our top-of-the-line Automatic Undercutters including: a programmable controller, automatic optical sensor indexing, armature support on centers and much more. In combination with CAMís exclusive Brush Deburring Attachment option, the RF becomes even more of a time saving, quality boosting machine system.
Best of all, the RF works automatically! As the RF accurately and consistently does its job your operator is free to do another. When done, the RF will signal that the undercutting has been completed.

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