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VRTL Ring Taping Machine
Hand taping static rings for transformers, buss bars for generators or any kind of electrical ring is a time-consuming and tedious experience. CAM's Ring Taping Machine Systems not only will improve the quality of the tape wrap and the consistency of the overlap, they will tape in mere minutes what takes hours to tape manually. With a precise tape overlay, there is no wasted material and therefore a savings in tape on every ring. You'll discover that the payback on a CAM Ring Taping Machine is faster than you ever imagined.
Able to tape rings of up to 56 inches O.D., CAM's VRTL Vertical Rotation Taping Machine can be used to tape both big and small rings. It is the unique drive and guide features of the VRTL that give this machine added flexibility. Set up is fast and easy and changing from small to large rings takes only minutes. Able to tape in both a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, the VRTL Tape Head's maximum speed is 200 RPM.

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