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HVA 60 - 4 in 1 Universal High Voltage Test System

The HVA60 is not only the most advanced HV test system available, it is also the lightest, most compact instrument of its type on the market. The HVA60 has the highest power to weight ratio of any comparable unit available.

The HVA60 is capable of testing 1F (Approx. 10,000 ft/ 3000m of cable) at 0.1Hz and 60kV peak. The frequency of the output can also be reduced allowing even larger capacitance loads to be tested. At 0.02Hz, approx. 50,000 ft/15,000m of cable can be tested.

Smallest and Lightest most advanced universal 
high voltage test instrument available
VLF, DC, Cable Fault Conditioning, Sheath Testing
Automatic or manual cable test sequences 
Standards IEEE 400.2, VDE 0296, CENELEC
Meets all your cable testing requirements
Real-time Display of actual output waveform
Easy to use, menu guided, large backlit GUI

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