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TD60 - Tan delta test system

Tan Delta (also referred to as "Power Factor") is the ratio of the Resistive Power versus the Capacitor Power of the dielectric material. It is the measure of the quality of the insulation medium. The TD60 provides the testing and commissioning engineer with a high voltage tan delta measuring system suitable for testing cables: XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC and other electrical equipment: capacitors, switchgear, transformers and rotating machines.

H.V. Diagnostic SARL produce 2 models TD30 for the TD Measurements up to max voltage of 23kVrms (33 kV peak), and the TD60 for TD Measurements up to a max voltage of 44kVrms (or 62kV peak). The TD30/60 is a battery powered system that is diectly connected to the HVA30 Series of VLF Test systems. 

Lightweight portable unit
Tan Delta / Capacitance
Automatic Report Writer
Wireless Connection
Simple & Easy to Hook up

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