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Current Injection
100ADM mk4
0-100A Output Current
100 A/E
Output Metering from 40mA-200A
750 ADM mk2
Primary Inject upto 750A
20kVA Output
High Voltage AC
KV5-100 mk2
12mA & 20-120mA
KV50-200 LD /KV100-100
0-100kV (KV100-100), 0-50kV (KV50-200) output voltage
0-30kV (KV30-100), 0-50kV (KV50-100) output voltage
High Voltage DC Cable Test Systems
0 15kVdc output voltage, 10mA output capability
DP20 DP40 Discharge Probe
For discharging high voltage cables after testing
1-200Adc test current with <2.5% ripple
Relay Test System
DVS3 Mk2
3-f Voltage output from 1-f supply, 0-133V f-N output voltage, 0-266V, 0-292V f-N with optional VT box
200 ADM-P
0-200A Output Current
50A-3PH (3 Phase)
0-50A per phase
5kA Max Output Current
0-30kV output voltage
KV10-120, KV15-80, KV30-40 mk2
0-10kV (KV10-120), 0-15kV (KV15-80), 0-30kV (KV30-40) output voltage
PT18-10,PT30-10 mk2
18kVdc (PT18-10), 30kVdc (PT30-10) output voltage 
0-10A and 0-200A DC test current
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