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Business Area
Partial Discharge Measurements in Gas Insulated Systems
Identification of Partial Discharge phenomena in HVDC Apparatus
Diagnostic, Monitoring for Marine Generation and Propulsion
Diagnostic Monitoring for Oil and Gas Plants
Pollution Assessment for Outdoor Insulators
Diagnostic Monitoring for Power Transformers
Partial Discharge Monitoring & Diagnostic Tools for Substations
HV Cables Testing and Monitoring
Partial Discharge Monitoring & Diagnostics Tools for Electrical Plants
Online Partial Discharge Measurements in MV Cables
PD Diagnostic Applications and Techimp Solutions
Partial Discharge Monitoring & Diagnostic Tools for Power Plants
Diagnostic for High Speed Electrical Sub Systems
Diagnostic Monitoring for Wind Towers
Database & Control Units
Services, Training & Data Management
HV Generator
Techsquare 4000
Partial Discharge Testing Set
PD Sensors
Capacitive Divider
High Freq Current Transformer
DGA Sensors
Disolved Gas Analysis Sensor
Partial Discharge Analysis
Partial Discharge Diagnostic System
Clamp Type HF Current Transformer
Transient Earth Voltage
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